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Success Stories

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Ms. Mallete’s Very Happy Birthday

Ms. Mary Mallete came to Tower Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2013 with muscle weakness, difficulty with transfers and gait. She was unable to perform ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). She was also on a diet of pureed foods and thickened liquids. After thee months of therapy, Ms. Mallete was discharged on her birthday. Upon leaving she was able to complete her ADL’s with minimal assistance, could ambulate using a rolling walker and her diet had been upgraded to regular foods and thin liquids.

Mr. Sanders’ on going Success Story

Mr. Willie Sanders arrived at Tower Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with muscle weakness, gait abnormality, dysphasia and aphasia. On admission Mr. Sanders was very confused, NPO, had left side neglect, needed maximum assistance, needed a catheter and gerichair and had been through many falls. During his stay at Tower Mr. Sanders has been upgraded to a standard wheelchair, gained safety awareness and now eats all of his meals.